About the Innovation Network

The Innovation Network Danish Healthtech is based on a unique kind of partnership within health technology.
That ensures easy access for small and large companies to relevant knowledge institutions across Denmark.

Danish Healthtech’s vision is to contribute to better health for citizens through the use of knowledge for health technology solutions.

Danish Healthtech’s mission is to contribute to growth and innovation by establishing knowledge-bridge activities that link research and applied new knowledge with private and public initiatives and companies. The network does this across the entire healthcare sector and with a focus on prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

Danish Healthtech’s objective is to ensure that:

  • the growth potential of the companies is realized on the basis of new knowledge that inspires the companies to create innovative and useful solutions
  • the healthcare demand for new technology is met by facilitating knowledge-bridge activities and involving users and citizens
  • strong interregional cooperation with regional focus and national reach are established
  • international cooperation relations are strengthened with research groups, clusters and networks.

The Innovation Network Danish Healthtech is based on a close collaboration between the four regional clusters for health technology: Life Science Innovation, Medtech Innovation Consortium, Welfare Tech og Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster. At the same time the network is a merger of the two innovation networks: MedTech Innovation and Welfare Tech – The Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology. Thus, this network represents a simplification and consolidation of the existing structures.

The dedicated core partner group constitutes of five universities: Technical University of Denmark, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark and University of Copenhagen, as well as the institutes: FORCE Technology and the Danish Technological Institute. Together they constitute the foremost research and knowledge competencies in Denmark within the network’s subject area.

The Innovation Network Danish Healthtech brings together the competencies to develop technology that supports and helps the individual or groups of patients, and provides better prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. Early in the development phase, the development of health technology benefit from cooperation between users and health professionals, and an increasing need to get to the market quickly with well-documented solutions. Finally, data and digitisation are increasingly important. This network accelerates knowledge sharing between companies and knowledge institutions and the collaboration with health professionals.

The Innovation Network Danish Healthtech builds on identified strengths and potentials in the Danish society by coordinating regional initiatives and increasing transparency in the health innovation area as a whole.

The academic and professional focus is on selected challenges in the Danish health service and focus on prevention, diagnostics, treatmen and rehabiliation:

Personal treatment focusing on health technology equipment:

  • Targeted treatment using health technology solutions
  • Implants and medical devices based on additive manufacturing / 3D printing

Citizen-realted and technology-supported healthcare:

  • Intelligent use of health data using artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Wearables from consumer electronics to medical devices
  • Equality in healthcare through innovative technology
  • Improvement of health technology products using visual data analytics

Physical and mental health:

  • Relationships between physical activity and health
  • Prevention and predictive health
  • Ensure equality in health – the citizen-based healthcare system
  • Better use of Danish health data
  • Personalised treatment

The Innovation Network Danish Healthcare focuses on health technology. It ranges from the regulated hospital equipment over personalised solutions to welfare technology solutions to the healthcare sector and the home. These areas are tied together by digitisation and use of health data.

The Network focuses on the technological possibilities that are in:

  • Personalised technologies – including additive manufacturing
  • Digitisation – including better utilisation of health and behavioural data   (big and small data)
  • Internet of Things – including wearables and sensor technology