Are you ready for the Scottish market?

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Are you interested in an introduction to the Scottish market and an in-depth market access knowledge? 

The activities support small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) to bring Danish healthtech and digital care to the Scottish market. Danish Healthtech supports companies from Denmark to collaborate with Scottish Development International (SDI), and provides a structured path guiding the companies from initial introduction to the Scottish market to in-depth market access knowledge.

SDI is the international arm of the Scottish Government and Scotland’s enterprise agencies, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. SDI supports international investors in Scotland to set up and grow in Scotland. SDI provides insight to match Danish solutions with Scottish needs and challenges. This creates opportunities for the Danish companies to seek out collaboration with the Scottish health and care sector.

You will get:

  • Insight into needs and demands in Scottish health and care sector
  • Facts about the Scottish market for health and care technology
  • Networking with Scottish and Danish companies and potential partners in Scotland

Demand meets supply
Scotland is facing many of the same challenges as Denmark in terms of an aging population. With growing number of elderly people living alone it is critical to support people to live well and safely in their own home and that they are well connected to people, services and their community. In addition, there will be 50 percent more people living with dementia in Scotland over the next two decades.

Along with increasing healthcare expenses and an urgent lack of care staff, Scotland calls for reforms and improvements of efficiency through digitalisation and smart care technologies. The Scottish healthcare system has not favoured digital healthcare to the same extent as in Denmark. As a result, Scotland is an ‘emerging market’ when it comes to digital health tech and thus a favourable opportunity for Danish companies seeking to expand into international markets.

Danish companies have over the last decade invested heavily in developing new innovative products and technology-based care solutions. Including technologies such as e-health, health apps, artificial intelligence, intelligent logistics and automatisation. Technology-based care is an important element to secure care, welfare and quality of live for seniors and disabled people.

This offer strengthens the value chain collaboration between the Danish and Scottish companies. By joining the ecosystem, the activities create a larger critical mass and increases the changes for successful access to the Scottish market. The Danish companies get access to a structured dialogue with Scottish health-IT integrators, and the participants will gain insights of the challenges in the Scottish care sector. This will create new ideas to collaboration and allow co-creation of new services, solutions and price models for the Scottish market.

Scotland is a devolved administration, thus receives a block grant from the UK central government, which is then distributed between the different departments, including NHSScotland. The NHSScotland consists of 14 regional NHS Boards which are responsible for the protection and the improvement of their population’s health and for the delivery of frontline healthcare services.

Additionally, there are 7 Special NHS Boards and 1 public health body, who support the regional NHS Boards by providing a range of important specialist and national services. The annual budget for NHSScotland is £13,4 billion (2018/2019), 42% of the total Scottish Government budget.

The activities

The Danish companies will be taken through a knowledge transfer funnel in four steps:

Activity 1. Webinar about the Scottish market for healthtech and digital care
Timeframe: February 6, 15-16 PM and August 17, 15-16 PM

Learn more about the Scottish market and decide if a study trip to Scotland will add value to your business.

Knowledge sought after is:

  • understanding of healthcare structure in Scotland
  • current challenges as well as smart solutions in the market
  • current prioritisation in healthcare
  • insight in decision-making and commissioning processes at hospitals and communities.

The lectures will be delivered by experienced Danish companies and Scottish experts from the government and NHSScotland (National Health Service).

Among the presenters you will find Nessa Barry, Knowledge Exchange Manager with the Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation at NHS National Services Scotland.

Optional: Activity 2. Digital health trade mission from Scotland to Denmark
Timeframe: March 2-4, 2020
Copenhagen and Odense.

Knowledge exchange and collaboration exploration for Scottish digital health companies in Denmark. The purpose for the trip is for Scottish digital health companies (8-10 companies) to gain knowledge on the mechanisms of the Danish Healthcare system as well as to meet relevant stakeholders and possible collaboration partners in the Danish digital health market.

First day: Overall introduction to the public health care structure in Denmark and digital initiatives.

Second day: Interact with a wide categories of Welfare Tech’s member such as companies, municipalities and regions/hospitals. 

On second day / March 3 there will be a networking dinner at the restaurant H15, Halmtorvet 15, 1700 Copenhagen V. The networking dinner is for those who want to expand their Scottish network.

You pay for dinner yourself 295, -, and for the sake of booking it is important to sign up. Registration opens in mid-February.

We hope to see many Danish actors for a pleasant and informal networking dinner.

Activity 3. Webinar for the pre-study trip participants
Timeframe: August

Preparatory exercises and good considerations for the trade mission participants. More information will follow.

August 17: Webinar: Are you ready for the Scottish market? 
August 19: Webinar: A Virtual Tour of Dundee, Scotland
August 21: Webinar: Scottish Digital Health Company Perspective

Activity 4. Digital health trade mission from Denmark to Scotland
Timeframe: Fall 2020 

Get the opportunity to join a trade mission to Scotland to learn more about the Scottish digital health and care capabilities as well as connecting with relevant stakeholders.

The trade mission will include field visits to hospitals and home care units, joint cluster-to-cluster activities, workshop and matchmaking session. SDI and partner organisations support organising the program in Scotland.

Knowledge sought after is:

  • the dos and don’ts in the Scottish marked
  • methods to purchasing in healthcare in Scotland
  • insight about how to motivate Scottish healthcare to invest
  • insight about market entry, presence and communication strategy

Del gerne

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