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Implementing AI in Clinical Practice – Danish-Israeli lessons learnt

The worldwide Covid-19 spurred health crisis has accelerated the need for fast and efficient diagnostic and treatment solutions. In this regard, how do Israeli and Danish companies and hospitals collaborate on utilizing health data for clinical research and innovation?

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster, Innovation Centre Denmark Tel Aviv and Danish Healthtech invite you to join us for a case-based webinar where leading players from the AI health ecosystem in Israel will present their approach – do’s and don’ts – to commercializing and implementing AI in clinical practice. Be inspired by clinicians from Rambam hospital and one of their collaborative Israeli startups.

We will also introduce and explore collaboration opportunities with the newly announced radiology AI-test center (RAIT) in Denmark, a partnership between Danish radiology departments in the capital region of Denmark that contains all relevant specialties to validate, test and clinically implement AI technology.

After the webinar, we invite you to join an online networking session. Here, you can establish contact with the experts from the webinar as well as the other participating companies, health operators and researchers. This is a unique opportunity to strengthen your international AI network. In addition, both Rambam and RAIT are interested in getting in touch with companies that want to test their solutions in a clinical setting.

The event is open for everyone interested in and working with AI in health care.

You will get

  • Case-based knowledge sharing and lessons learnt of applicating new technologies in AI health.
  • Introduction to the Israeli innovation model and approach to implementing and commercializing AI in clinical practice.
  • Introduction to RAIT – the newly established Radiology AI test center in Denmark.
  • Online networking and match-making opportunities with presenters and participants after the webinar.


  • 10:00: Welcome and introduction

Louise Rosenlund, Head of intl. Development & Partnerships, Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster
Louise Vibjerg Thomsen, Senior Innovation Officer & Commercial Counsellor, Innovation Centre Denmark in Tel Aviv

  • 10.05: Setting the stage of AI application in healthcare from an Israeli perspective: Obstacles and challenges in commercializing AI-based healthcare solutions

Prof. Marcia Javitt, Director of Medical Imaging, Rambam Hospital

  • 10.30: Most common logistic issues with applying AI-based solutions in clinical practice

Dr. Eyal Berkovitz, Attending Physician, Medical Imaging, Rambam Hospital

  • 10:50: Q&A
  • 11.00: Israeli start-up case
  • 11.15: Introduction to the new Danish test center for artificial intelligence in radiology (RAIT)
  • 11.30: Q&A
  • 11.40: Open discussion
  • 11:55: Round up
  • 12:00: End

Practical information
The webinar will take place on November 3rd 2020 from 10:00-12:00 CEST. The webinar is for free but requires registration. Registration no later than November 1st.

A link to the webinar will be sent out one week before the event as well as 30 minutes before start.

Do you want to explore new collaboration opportunities? Become part of a Danish-Israeli online AI community
As a participant of the webinar, you can also join a Danish-Israeli online network. The network is open from 11:00-13:00, 3 November 2020 . The online network allows you to establish contact with the experts from the webinar as well as the other participants. It is a unique opportunity to strengthen your network with companies and health providers within digital health in Denmark and Israel. Use this platform to get ahead with your innovation and international business plans – despite limited travel and meeting options in the midst of covid-19.

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Foto: ICDK

November 3 @ 10:00
10:00 — 12:00


Louise Buch Rosenlund – Head of intl. Development & Partnerships – Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster – lrn@copcap.com – +45 30 33 25 80, Louise Vibjerg – Life Science and AI Expert and Senior Innovation Officer – The Innovation Centre Denmark in Tel Aviv – loutho@um.dk – +972 54 80 80 369


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