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Scotland is facing many of the same challenges as Denmark in terms of an aging population. Along with increasing healthcare expenses and an urgent lack of care staff, Scotland calls for reforms and improvements of efficiency through digitalisation and smart care technologies. The Scottish healthcare system has not favoured digital healthcare to the same extent as in Denmark. As a result, Scotland is an ‘emerging market’ when it comes to digital health tech and thus a favourable opportunity for Danish companies seeking to expand into international markets.

Danish companies have over the last decade invested heavily in developing new innovative products and technology-based care solutions. Including technologies such as e-health, health apps, artificial intelligence, intelligent logistics and automatisation. Technology-based care is an important element to secure care, welfare and quality of live for seniors and disabled people.

Knowledge sought after is:

  • understanding of healthcare structure in Scotland
  • current challenges as well as smart solutions in the market
  • current prioritisation in healthcare
  • insight in decision-making and commissioning processes at hospitals and communities.

This webinar was held on February 6, but due to the upcoming activities on the Scottish Health Service, it will again be possible to watch the webinar. If you attended on February 6, you can either revisit the webinar or simply sign up for the next two webinars, which will be held on August 19 and 21.


15:00: Welcome & objectives for the webinar
/ Lene Vistisen, Welfare Tech and Sofia Noras, Senior Trade Specialist, Lifesciences, Scottish Development International (SDI)

15:10: Introduction to the healthcare structure in Scotland
/ Nessa Barry, Knowledge Exchange Manager with the Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation at NHS National Services Scotland

15:25: Digital health and Care institute and how they work with innovation, NHS and companies
/George Crooks, Chief Executive Officer at Digital Health and Care Institute, Glasgow

15:40: Experiences from a Danish company, already on the Scottish market
v/ Morten Mathiesen, Chief Marketing Officer, Sekoia

15:50: Introduction to the activities in the spring and thank you for today
/ Lene Vistisen, Welfare Tech

Nessa Barry originally trained as an Registered General Nurse (London) undertaking a Health Science Bsc. (Aberdeen). Having previously worked as a qualitative researcher at Aberdeen and Glasgow Universities, Nessa Barry has worked for the Scottish Government, eHealth Directorate and NHS Education for Scotland. She holds vast experience within development of Telehealth in NHS Scotland as well as key internal NHS Scotland developmental know-how.

The NHS National Services Scotland is a Non Departmental Public Body which provides advice and services to the rest of NHS Scotland. Accountable to the Scottish Government, NSS works at the heart of the health service, providing national strategic support services and expert advice to NHS Scotland on areas of procurement, data management, innovation etc.

Professor George Crooks is currently the Chief Executive of the Digital Health and Care Institute, Scotland’s national innovation centre for digital health and care. He leads an organisation that is tasked with delivering innovation in digital health and care that will help Scotland’s people to live longer, healthier lives, deliver sustainable health and care services for the future and create economic benefits for Scotland.

Morten Mathiesen is the communication and marketing director at Sekoia. Sekoia is a digital tool for the care sector, supporting documentation and planning in care homes and social care homes. The mobile solution creates overview and ensures a streamlined communication. 

Upcoming activities

This webinar will be followed by two webinars and a trade mission.

The webinar is part of a series of activities supporting small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) to bring Danish healthtech and digital care to the Scottish market. Danish Healthtech supports companies from Denmark to collaborate with Scottish Development International (SDI), and provides a structured path guiding the companies from initial introduction to the Scottish market to in-depth market access knowledge.

SDI is the international arm of the Scottish Government and Scotland’s enterprise agencies, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. SDI supports international investors in Scotland to set up and grow in Scotland. SDI provides insight to match Danish solutions with Scottish needs and challenges. This creates opportunities for the Danish companies to seek out collaboration with the Scottish health and care sector.

August 17 @ 15:00
15:00 — 16:00


Julie Justi Andreasen – Danish Healthtech – +45 26207656 – juja@welfaretech.dk

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