Danish Healthtech er medfinansieret af Uddannelses- og Forsknings-ministeriet og Den Europæiske Fond for Regionaludvikling.


The Innovation Network Danish Healthtech contributes to strengthening
companies’ international competencies and network relations.

Danish Healthtech contributes to strengthening companies’ internationalisation skills and network relations.

  • You can get help to establish a dialogue and collaboration in selected markets
  • You can participate in trips to foreign knowledge environments, Networks and Clusters
  • You can get help to establish international consortia on research, development and innovation, via contact between companies, researchers and clinicians

Danish Healthtech focuses on the most significant international markets for health technology companies. Markets where the partners behind the network have already shown a good track record and have built strong network relationships.

The Innovation Network will also work with other markets on ad hoc basis. Markets where the contacts and experiences with Denmark’s Innovation Centers are good. Markets such as Germany, Israel and the US.

The Innovation Network Danish Healthtech collaborates with  Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network og West of England Academic Health Science Network in Great Britain. Knowledge collaboration gives access to a large market that is interesting for Danish companies. Pleas contact the Network Secretariat for more information.


Germany is Denmark's largest export market also within health. It is thus an obvious opportunity for Danish companies that can contribute with products and services that can digitize and automate within the healthcare sector.

Germany is in the same situation as we are, as they also have an increasing older population and a lack of competent and educated labor in the health and social area. One of the ways to meet this challenge is to focus on exploiting the possibilities of digital solutions.

The German market is also a very different market than the Danish. Through a number of projects that the innovation network parties stand for, you can gain insight into the challenges you need to know before you focus on further cooperation.


Danish-German collaboration focusing on Intelligent Logistics, Digitalisation and Automatised Workflows for the Homecare and Nursing homes sector. ILDA-Care is a Danish-German collaboration between Welfare Tech and the German cluster BioRegio STERN from Baden-Württemberg.

Innovations network Danish Healthtech collaborate with Med TechBridge og the Danish Innovation Centers in Boston og Sollicon Valley.

Read more about the American market in the presentation Complexity of the US Market and in the rapport MedHub in US.

Through collaboration with other Clusters and Networks in the Nordic countries, the partners in the Innovation Network have projects that support Danish companies' access to knowledge and consortium formation.

Digital Health & Care 4.0

Nordic cluster-to-cluster collaboration supporting Nordic SME’s to bring health and care technology to the German market through market insight, networking and product presentation. The project is supported by the Prime Ministers of the Nordic countries, under the Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges Initiative.

The project enrols companies from all five Nordic countries through cluster-to-cluster collaboration, and provides a structured path guiding the companies from initial introduction to the German market, to in-depth market access knowledge, and market introduction at a major German healthtech exhibition.  
Digital Health & Care 4.0 is supported by Nordic Innovation and the Prime Ministers of the Nordic countries, under the Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges Initiative. Welfare Tech is lead. Download project handout. 

DISH - Digital & Innovation Skills Helix in Health

DISH focus on the development and training of eHealth skills for health professionals. The project develops, test and present training material, which will provide health and social care staff with ICT skills that enable them to better see the opportunities in how and where to apply eHealth solutions.

Due to demographic changes the European society is facing many elderly people that need health care and social care and only few staff members and limited public funding to meet their needs and demands. In order to respond to this challenge, a wide range of eHealth solutions are being introduced to the health and social care sector to ensure good quality care, empowerment of patients, and support to health and social care workers.

The DISH project is co-financed by the Erasmus programme within the EU. Hospital of Southern Jutland is lead. Welfare Tech is partner. 


Nordic collaboration between Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, focusing on implementation of Welfare Technology in the Nordic countries'.
NorCare (Nordic Home Care Cluster Platform) is a Nordic collaboration between the business clusters Welfare Tech, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Business Region Gothenburg/All age Hub and Oulu Health. The main objective of the project is to support the internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME's) through knowledge sharing about the markets, matchmaking and collaboration/innovation projects.
NorCare is supported by the Baltic Sea Region - Innovation Express. Welfare Tech is lead. 

Through collaboration with other Clusters and Networks in Spain, mainly Catalonia, the Innovation Network partners have projects that support Danish companies' access to knowledge and consortium formation.


Danish - Catalan collaboration focusing at technology based dementia care. DEMtech (Technology-Based Dementia Care) is a Danish Catalonian collaboration between Welfare Tech and the Catalonia cluster Mental Health Cluster. The main objective of the project is to support the internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises through knowledge sharing about the Catalonian market, matchmaking and collaboration/innovation projects. DEMtech is supported by the Baltic Sea Region - Innovation Express. Demtech is closed down on 31.06.19. 

Progress around the Israeli market is under development. 
Please contact us, if you have an interest in Israel.

AI Health Master Class in Israel 

Join our intensive training workshop in one of the leading AI hubs. It takes place September 8-12, 2019 in Tel Aviv. Read more, and apply.

About the program: Pushing the boundaries of AI Health
Join leading AI experts from academia and industry in one of the world’s epicentres of AI  in pushing the boundaries of AI Health.

During the 4-day intensive workshop at Tel Aviv University, you gain the knowledge, foresight and tools to be at the forefront of the AI revolution. The workshop will explore the latest break-through technologies, examine the business implications of AI in health, deal with the future challenges of AI and discuss how to work with data in the most optimal way.

Experts will challenge you on whether you are harnessing the full potential of your AI solution and inspire critical questions.

You will get the opportunity to expose your product or idea to leading and forward-thinking researchers, practitioners, unicorn entrepreneurs, venture funds and multinational market leaders.

Organizers: Innovation Centre Denmark in Tel Aviv, Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster and Danish Healthtech.

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