Danish Healthtech er medfinansieret af Uddannelses- og Forsknings-ministeriet og Den Europæiske Fond for Regionaludvikling.


The Innovation Network Danish Healthtech contributes to strengthening
companies’ international competencies and network relations.

Danish Healthtech contributes to strengthening companies’ internationalisation skills and network relations.

  • You can get help to establish a dialogue and collaboration in selected markets
  • You can participate in trips to foreign knowledge environments, Networks and Clusters
  • You can get help to establish international consortia on research, development and innovation, via contact between companies, researchers and clinicians

Danish Healthtech focuses on the most significant international markets for health technology companies. Markets where the partners behind the network have already shown a good track record and have built strong network relationships.

The Innovation Network will also work with other markets on ad hoc basis. Markets where the contacts and experiences with Denmark’s Innovation Centers are good. Markets such as Germany, Israel and the US.

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